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PeBBu Thematic Network

Performance Based Building Network (PeBBu) is a thematic network funded under the European Commission’s (EU) 5th framework – Competitive and Sustainable Growth. The programme commenced in October 2001 and runs until September 2005. The PeBBu Network facilitates in enhancing the existing performance based building research and activities by networking with the main European stakeholders and other international stakeholders. It produces synergistic results for dissemination and adaptation of performance based building and construction. Currently, more than 60 organisations worldwide are participating in the PeBBu Network.

The PeBBu concept is simple! “Performance Based Building (PBB) is the practice of thinking and working in terms of ends rather than means’, as applied to building and constructing.” Therefore, the basis of all building activities should be the performance of the building in use rather than the prescription of how the building is to be constructed!
You can read more about the objectives of the PeBBu Network, and about the concept of Performance Based Building in the PeBBu Thematic Network section. Information on the components of the PeBBu Network can be found in Main Components or Aligned Components.

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